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Welcome To GMT's Portal

Since the establishment of Gummi Metall Technik (M) Sdn. Bhd., in 1980 , our company has more than 28 years of experience in manufacturing of rubber compound and rubber to metal bonded products.

We specialize in the production of anti-vibration mountings, and together with our technical support from our counterpart in Germany , we supply to customers locally and the global market .

We are able to manufacture  customized rubber component products such as :-

  • Chevron Spring , Triflex 2 ,  Sandwich Plate for Railway Applications .
  • Bellow , Bushings and Grommets for Automotive Applications .
  • Machine Feet , Buffers , Isolators and Mountings for Engineering Applications .
  • Bridge Bearings, Earthquake Bearings and Bearings Pads for Construction Applications

We give particular attention to customer's special requirements.

We provide the right expertise to produce efficient solutions to special and complex problems.

We also export our products to Germany , Australia , Egypt , USA , Philippines , Thailand  and Singapore .

We have Production Plans and Sales office in Switzerland , Republic Of Ireland , USA , France , Belgium , England  and Austria .


New Products

Why Choose GMT ?

Arrow We solve your vibration and noise problem !
Our aim is to provide the solution of our customer solution and noise problems.
Arrow German-based technology and international collaboration
We are in a close technical collaboration and partnership with our HQ in Germany , leading rubber institutes and universities in Asia and Europe
Arrow We deliver hight quality products
We manufacture according German Quality Standards and are certified according QS9000 and ISO9002 . We are currently preparing for Qualification according TS16949.
Arrow Advanced testing facilities
Our facilities are equipped with advanced testing facilities to carry out tests on rubber compounds and on end products. Basically tests can be carried out to determine the rheological properties,rebound resilience,specific gravity,tensile and tear properties,hardness,electrical conductivity,compression set,ageing properties and oil absoption. We are also able to determine the load-deflection characteristics of engineering parts on compression , tensile and shear mode.Axial and radial compression tests on bush mountings and destructive tests to test the bonding strength and maximum force also can be done.Compression,shear and stiffness test on railway parts can be done as required by customer.All the tests can be done according to various standards as requested by the customer such ASTM , DIN , JIS , BS and ISO.
Arrow Re-Conditioning/Recycling
To improve the cost efficiency and lead-time to our customers we offer the possibility to re-condition rubber-to-metal bonded products to reduce prices and lead-times for our customers.
Arrow Control of entire value-chain
Since quality is an essential value for GMT we control the entire production process from natural rubber to the finished product. We use only hight-quality Malaysian Rubber , we develop formulations in our laboratory according to customer specific requirements using imported chemicals from Europe or United States of America ;the production process is constantly monitored by our Quality Department.

GMT's Solutions

Lagerschale can solve problems of piping corrosion , poor seismic design , piping vibration and stress raising point.
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