Our Facilities.

We specialize in the production of anti-vibration mountings, and together with our technical support from our counterpart in Germany , we supply to customers locally and the global market .

1980 ’s

Established since 1980

100 %

R&D technology resources in Germany

We are able to manufacture customized rubber component products such as :-

  • Chevron Spring , Sandwich Plate for Railway Applications.
  • Bellow , Bushings and Grommets for Automotive Applications.
  • Machine Feet , Buffers , Isolators and Mountings for Engineering Applications.
  • Bridge Bearings, Earthquake Bearings and Bearings Pads for Construction Applications.

We give particular attention to customers’ special requirements.

We provide the right expertise to produce efficient solutions to special and complexed problems.

We also export our products to Germany , Australia , Egypt , USA , Philippines , Thailand and Singapore .

We have Production Plants and Sales office in Switzerland , Republic Of Ireland , USA , France , Belgium , England and Austria .